Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hematologist number 4

Finding a competent local hematologist has been a real problem for me. I quickly learned that all doctors are not created equal! One of my goals for my consultation with Dr. Silver was to get a referral to a "local" hematologist who has treated MPNs before and knows enough not to make me sicker! Dr. Silver was able to provide me with names of two docs in my area. One in my back yard, the other about an hour away. I chose the doc at the further "big city" hospital because I was afraid after my experience with small town hemes!

So I have seen Dr. Bob just once. He too arrived with his own posse of docs. He explained he had treated this disease before in an effort I think to assure me he knew what to do. He did not order any blood work. Instead he said we all had to get use to the 'big' numbers and just deal with it. He agreed with Dr. Silver's assessment and appeared to welcome the opportunity to work with him via me. Dr. Bob sent me off with a lab slip for bloodwork in three months and told me to return in six months.

Where am I today? This blog is almost up to the present! I have felt surprisingly well in these past six months. I stopped one med and started another. My chest pain and headaches have dramatically improved. I felt so well I got a new puppy to train for the sport of agility! 

I returned to Dr.Silver recently for a follow up. My platelets are still high, 781k, rbcs 15, and htc 44.5 percent. Much higher than they should be for ET, but stable according to Dr. Silver. He wants me to see him every six months alternating with Dr. Bob in between so that I am monitored every three months. Baby aspirin, water and dog training. That's the plan. Live longer than my dog. 

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